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Release road-map of SharePoint 2016 On-Premise and SPO

SharePoint Online and Office 365 will continue to have their monthly automated updates.

Concerning SharePoint 2016 on premise, the release cycle stays the same as previously: major releases are approximately into a 2-3 year cycle with interim Service Packs.

Key next releases:
Public Beta: end of 2015 (Quarter 4)
General Availability/RTM: spring of 2016 (Quarter 2)

I created the diagram below to visualise the road-map and interaction of both the On-Premise and Online versions of SharePoint.

SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint release road-map
As Bill Baer (Senior SharePoint Product Marketing Manager) explained into his presentation at Ignite, SharePoint 2013 is actually a sort of kernel/genesis from all futures versions of SharePoint.

  1. They took SP2013 version to build the SP Online version
  2. They made some major developments to improve both the infrastructure and front-end visible features:
    • Backend optimised for the cloud: MinRole topology, no downtime patching…etc.
    • Lots of new end-user experiences: Delve, Video portal, Hybrid search, OneDrive For Business, new APIs…etc
  3. They then took a SP Online point in time snapshot to build SharePoint 2016. The services which were not available in SPO were backported from SP2013 to SP2016. For example: PerformancePoint service.

To know more: roadmap.office.com

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